Facebook Business Manager Account Verification

The 1st thing to apply WhatsApp Business API is to complete your Facebook Business Verification and have a Verified Facebook Business Manager before you can officially apply for WhatsApp Business API

Log in to your Facebook Business Manager account

Begin the Facebook Business Verification by logging into your Facebook Business Manager account by using your Facebook account, if you still not have a Facebook Business Manager, please apply one first

You will also need the following to complete the Facebook Business Verification:

  1. Admin Access to your company's Facebook Business Manager account

  2. Facebook Business Manager ID

  3. A digital copy of your company's Business Registration Document

  4. The website address which better to show it is registered by your Company Name which is the same as the Business Registration's Name you submit

  5. The email address which better to show it is registered by your Company Name which is the same as the Business Registration's Name you submit

Facebook Team will check whether the website address and email address belong to the company you submit with a Business Registration Document uploaded. So you may need to prove it if Facebook requested.

Start Verification of your Facebook Business Manager

After login into your Facebook Business Manager. You can find the Facebook Business Manager ID in the "Business Info" section under Business Settings.

Step 1 : Go to Business Infomation

Please mark down your Business Manager ID, you need it for the coming verification process

If in the Business Verification Status, it shows "Unverified", you will need to go to the Security Center to Start the Verification Process.

Step 2 : Go to Security Center (Try Start Verification)

You need to try click "Start Verification", if it is able to click, you can go to Step 5 directly, if not, you will need to ask the WhatsApp Offical Business Service Provider (BSP) Emma Global Limited to help by passing the Facebook Business ID to them and help to enable "Start Verification" button to click (Step 5)

Step 3 : Register an App at Facebook for Developers

In order to get to the WhatsApp Business Verification page, you will need to do the following:

Click on Get Started on the top right

You will then be sent to "Register as a developer" page.

Click Continue after looking through the Facebook Platform Terms.

You would need to verify your phone number so it can send an SMS notification to you

Please remember to check your phone's SMS and type in your code after you press Send Verification.

Please confirm your email address here, if it is incorrect, please press "Update Email"

Then choose the best that describes you (E.g. Product Manager, Marketer or Other)

Click into Create App

If you already have an App created, you can skip to Step 4

Select Manage Business Integrations

Complete the form below

Remember to select your company's Business Manager Account. If not connected, you would have to do it later at Settings.

Step 4. Check Business Verification

After completing the App Creation, you will arrive at this page.

Now proceed to 'Setting' on the left side, and select 'Basic' from the dropdown menu.

Scroll down until you see Verification Status.

If your Business Verification Status is 'Unverified' or 'In Review', click on 'Go to Verification'.

If your Business Verification Status is 'Verified', then you have previously completed the Facebook Business Verification and would not need to do the following steps

If you see the notification below, it means that you have not connected your Business Facebook account to the Developer Account, please press "Get Started" to link your accounts.

Step 5 : Go to Security Center (Start Verification Again)

After Step 3, You should be able to click "Start Verification"

Step 6 : Enter Your Business Details

This step you need to enter your Company information such as

  • Legal Name of Business (Need to match the Business Registration (BR) you upload in the next step)

  • Company Address (Better to match the address of BR you upload in the next step)

  • Website Address (Better to show it is registered by the BR you upload in the next step)

Step 7 : Verify Your Legal Business Name (Upload Company BR)

  • Select the document Language

  • Upload your Company BR

Step 8 : Verify Business Address or Phone Number

  • If the address you provide in Step 5 is the same as the address shown on your BR, you can simply upload your BR once again. If not, you may need to provide an Address approval doc shows the address you input in Step 5 such as Bank Statement.

Step 9 : Verification by email

  • Enter your business contact email to click Send email to receive the 5 digit code for verification. The business email you provided is better to show it is registered by your Company Name which is the same as the Business Registration's Name you submit

Step 10 : Enter Verification Code and Submit

  • Input the 5 digit code for verification, click "Submit" to finish

Normally, it takes around 5 - 10 business days to let Facebook Team to review and finish the verification process. If there is any reason that cannot pass the review, you may need to upload the document again to let FB team review it again until you pass.

Finally : Your Facebook Business Manager become verified