Stella WhatsApp Business API Setup

Set up Stella WhatsApp Business API Account

Step 1: Set up a Stella Account

First, you'd need to create a free Stella account.

Please use Email and Password to apply

After registered, you will see a page asking "What's the name of your company or team?", please click "Signing up with a partner"

Input "Your company or Team",

For Partner ID, please input "SANUKERINCLIMITED"

You will recevied the below message, Please inform Omnichat Team once received this message

Step 2: Grant Developer Access to Omnichat Team

Go to "Settings" -> "Team Members" ,

  • Role : Admin

  • Access expiration date : Leave it blank

  • Click "Invite"

Step 3: Start WABA (WhatsApp Business API) Setup

a) Please go to "Channels" and proceed by clicking "Start WABA Setup".

WhatsApp Business API Channel

b) If you are registering a new WABA, you need to have your Facebook Business Manager verified and pass the WhatsApp Commerce Policy Check. Before your business is verified by WhatsApp, you can have access to Sandbox Environment, an automated testing environment that lasts for a 30-day period with limited features. Your phone number will go live and have all features available once your business is verified and passed the WhatsApp Commerce Policy check by WhatsApp. There are 2 tiers to Sandbox:



Expanded Sandbox


Upon Completion of Embedded Signup

Upon Submission of documents as part of Business Verification


Can send to 2 phone numbers, up to 10 messages a day. Can only be sent with pre-approved message templates.

Can send to 2 phone numbers, up to 10 messages a day. Can only be sent with pre-approved message templates.

Customer Service Messages

Can send to 10 phone numbers, no daily message limit.

Can have 1500 conversations. A conversation is a 24-hour window of messaging with a given phone number.

Please read the description about Sandbox and Live Phone Number carefully before proceeding with the setup.

c) Tick to checkbox. Select "Start Setup".

d) You will be asked to log in your existing Facebook account. New Facebook Account will NOT be approved for Facebook Business Manager.

e) Once you have logged in your Facebook account, select "Get Started" to connect your Facebook account to Sanuker. Then select "Continue" to share account and billing permissions with Sanuker.

Connect Account to Sanuker
Share Account and Billing Permissions

4. Create Facebook and WhatsApp Business Accounts

4.1) Step 1 of 3 : Facebook Business Account

a) Create a new Facebook Business Account or select an existing Facebook Business Account.

Even if your existing Facebook Business Account has been verified for other reasons, you still need to pass the WhatsApp commerce policy check. Before those checks are completed, you still have access to the sandbox experience.

Create or Select a Facebook Business Account

b) Then, create a new WhatsApp Business Account or select an existing account.

Create or Select a WhatsApp Business Accont

c) Once the WABA account has been set up, select "Continue to Step 2".

Setting up Account
Account Setup is Successful

4.2) Step 2 of 3 : Create WhatsApp Business Profile

a) In Step 2 of 3, create your WhatsApp Business Profile. First, input the WhatsApp Business Display Name.

Enter WhatsApp Business Display Name

b) Tick the checkbox if your WhatsApp Business Display Name is different from your Legal Business Name. You need to provide a website to prove your business relationship with the display name.

Enter Display Name Different from Legal Business Name

c) Then, enter the Category of your business and the Business Description.

Enter Category and Business Description

4.3) Step 3 of 3 : Verify WhatsApp Business Number

a) In Step 3 of 3, enter a phone number with its country code to register the number on WhatsApp. Make sure this number is NOT registered to any existing WhatsApp account. Then, select a Verification Method between Text Message or Voice Call. Select "Send Code".

Register a Phone Number on WhatsApp

b) Once you have received the 6-digit verification code via Text Message or Voice Call, enter the code and select "Verify".

Enter the Verification Code

c) Once your phone number has been verified, select "OK" to complete the setup. Now you can have access to the Sandbox Environment until your WABA is verified.

The unverified state lasts for 30 days with the sandbox experience available, at which point a business will no longer be able to send messages until they complete business verification and pass WhatsApp checks.

Phone Number Verified

5. Deploy the WhatsApp Number

a) Then you can deploy the WhatsApp Number. Select the WABA account, phone number and location, click "Deploy Now".

b) Then you can deploy the WhatsApp Number. Select the WABA account, phone number and location, click "Deploy Now".

Connected to WhatsApp (Sanuker demo screenshot)

c) Upon the completion of the embedded signup flow, you are able to complete the business verification and check the status of approval. Please refer to Check WABA Status of Approval.

Congratulations! You're all set.

You may also access the WhatsApp Server Info & API Path in this page if you want to customize the endpoint. Please inform Omnichat Team